The NFT Crypto Connection: Understand the NFT space.


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NFT Crypto connection: NFTs are gaining momentum not only in The crypto market but throughout the whole world. Due to the hype around NFTs, floods of people from all markets continue to join the space at unprecedented rates.  

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

Non-fungible tokens are small pieces of code written into the Blockchain. Your debit card represents your cash in the digital world. Some NFTs represent scarce and expensive items, such as art or music rights, even if they appear to be a simple Jpeg or GIF to the naked eye.

Why Artists Are Going Crazy Over NFTs. Throughout history, artists have battled to get recognition and pay for their work. This is SO well-known that tons of famous sayings are written about being a “Starving Artist”.

Lifelong Profits:

Artists receive compensation from their NFTs not only once but for the rest of their lives. In addition, you can integrate set profits into your NFT to receive a portion of the profit each time the NFT gets sold to a new customer. The payout percentage can vary from 2.5 – 10%, depending on the set parameters. The artist won’t waste money on auctions or art exhibitions because the NFT sale is processed online via multiple peer-to-peer markets to a worldwide audience.

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NFTs or NFT is a non-fungible tokens. They act as a non-duplicable digital certificate of ownership for any assigned digital asset - 3D Illustration rendering

Verifiable and Genuine:

Anybody can view, link to, or download your NFT once it’s on the internet; however, once it’s added to the Blockchain, the NFT has an unquestionable certificate of authenticity.

(AKA it can’t be stolen or duplicated.)

How Do You Make an NFT?

As, we all know about NFT Crypto ConnectionThe first step would be to choose an NFT Marketplace to sell from. There are two different types of marketplaces to choose from:

  • Self-Service Platforms

This peer-to-peer market category allows anyone to make NFTs with anything they want. For example, you can use a photo, a movie, or an audio clip to create your own. It also enables you to charge whatever royalty percentage you want for each NFT sale,

which is definitely appealing to “The Starving Artists.”

This category includes services like OpenSea and Rarible. Unfortunately, both of these platforms have both had problems with copies and scammers in the past

  • Curated Platforms

Only approved artists are permitted to mint or manufacture NFTs on curated platforms. These types of platforms are primarily interested in high-quality NFTs from artists who generally already have a following.

SuperRare, for example, is a selected NFT marketplace. However, they charge more significant transaction costs and offer less flexibility regarding the royalties rates that can get programmed into your artwork

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The next step I would take would be to make a digital wallet.

Digital wallets are used to house both your virtual currencies and NFTs. Cryptocurrencies, usually Ether, are required for the creation of NFTs.

Before listing any NFT you’ve created, you’ll need to pay for the gas fees. Gas fees are the service cost of an Ethereum blockchain transaction. 

The cost of gas fees when creating an NFT can range from $10’s-$100’s depending on the current price. It’s definitely not a cheap process, so make sure to have enough ETH on hand to proceed to the next step.

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Making an NFT (On a Self-Service Platforms).

Time to make your first NFT. You will have the choice of which type of file you would like to upload for your NFT. You can choose between audio (MP3, MP4), visual (JPG, PNG, GIF), as well as 3D files. The choice is up to you. You have the option of minting an endless number of NFT’s, but you must do so one by one. So it’s crucial to consider how many various editions of the same NFT you would like to make.

After you’ve created your first NFT, the next step is to list it. You can choose between a fixed-price list and an auction where you can set your minimum bid price.

1.Use social media to advertise your work.

You’ll need some fan base to increase your chances of successfully marketing your work. You want to share your work with as many potential buyers as possible to promote your NFTs.

Do I have to know coding to make an NFT?

The short answer is No. Due to NFt Crypto Connection, You don’t need to write any code to make your NFT. NFT platforms offer instructions on how to accomplish minting your work on their marketplace. Steps like “Uploading an image and naming it”

The entire process feels familiar and is not hard at all. The hardest part about minting an NFT is coughing up that ETH for gas fees.

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What is the Future of NFTs.

The Blockchain is changing how we think about art, collectibles, contracts, and it’s only the beginning. Tokenization is a vital technique with a plethora of uses that have yet to be tapped into. NFTs have a bright future ahead of them due to their NFT Crypto Connnection, maybe not a smooth one, but definitely a bright one. Each NFT collection has its own set of advantages, but at the end of the day they are only worth what people are willing to pay for them.

The vast majority of all NFTs created at the beginning of this new craze are likely to become virtually useless. Some, on the other hand, will become increasingly desirable and sought after. We’re talking Mona Lisa type stuff here!

Some of the current ways people are making money with NFTs

  • innovation

  • scalping

  • industry investments

For most people, investing in a platform like OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, or Rarible is an excellent way to profit from the NFT boom. Most miners went home empty-handed during the great California gold rush, but the few who sold picks and shovels made a fortune.

It may be worthwhile for you to make your own NFTs for your audience if you’re an artist or influencer. For example, Logan Paul, a Vlogger, made more than $5 million in one day by delivering 3,000 NFTs for one Ether apiece. NFT FOMO is clearly at an all-time high.

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Widely used NFTs 

Physical and digital items can be represented using NFTs. The NBA, for instance, is tokenizing the clips of the most incredible basketball plays in existence, and they sell for a lot! 

Cryptographic punks are 24 x 24-bit avatars that have been tokenized on the Blockchain. There are 10,000 crypto punks. Each is unique and sells for an average of $15,000!!! There are 24 apes, nine aliens, 88 zombies, 3,840 females, and 6,039 males, each with its own set of attributes that range in rarity. For example, only 44 crypto punks have the “beanie” trait, automatically making them more valuable than one of the 332 who has VR goggles.

Frequently asked questions

Is NFT considered Cryptocurrency?

Although NFTs are a kind of cryptographic token, it differs from actual cryptocurrencies. This is because they are not replaceable. wheres as cryptocurrencies ar “fungible” NFTs are “Non-Fungible Tokens” 

One bitcoin, for instance, can be swapped for another bitcoin without loss of earning value. A non-fungible token, by contrast, cannot be converted to another. Even though they may even originate from the same pack, no two NFTs are the same. Each piece of code is unique.

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Are There Consequences of This New NFT Technology?

The NFT space isn’t all rainbows and sunshine though, so make sure and do your research.
Too Much Speculation: The market is currently highly speculative, with many new investors seeking quick returns on their investments. People are more likely to lose money, especially if the initial ‘buzz’ dissipates.

High Gas Fee Rates: The rate charged for transactions on the Ethereum platform can get crazy at times, affecting the price of the NFT at the same time. If the tokens are overly expensive and have little value, potential purchasers will get turned off, resulting in losses for any investors.

The NFT space is highly saturated with people trying to find their lane, so it’s possible your NFTs may get lost among the masses


The NFT market is in its infancy stages, and there are numerous expansion opportunities in all fields.

The entire NFT market has jumped from a million-dollar market to a billion-dollar market in just a year. As a result, the excitement surrounding non-fungible tokens has grown substantially, and notable personalities and institutions such as Mark Cuban, the National Basketball Association (NBA), have joined the bandwagon.

Getting in early will offer you an advantage over other artists in the long run but be sure to do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose