Earning a Passive Income With NFTs



If you haven’t heard of the term NFT by now, it’s time to learn. NFTs have taken the internet by storm and have no signs of going away. The idea behind NFT’s is to present a digital file in a way that creates a perceived value around the rarity and uniqueness of that file. You can purchase and sell digital artwork, tweets, audio files, and video files & earn passive income with nfts . Basically, anything you want can be minted and sold as an NFT. NFTs are advanced contracts attached to digital assets, rendering them permanent on Blockchain. 

NFTs can mimic real-world assets as well through tokenization and trade. An example would be: Taking a picture of a house, mint it as an NFT, and state in the NFT’s terms that the image owner also receives absolute ownership of the physical home, not just the NFT image. That whole transaction would then be recorded on the Blockchain, removing any middlemen and complicated rules or regulations that usually come with the traditional centralized ways. 


NFT Marketplaces are online exchanges where customers can mint and trade NFTs online. NFTs have a massive buzz around them right now, and some of them hold insane value AND potential. One of the most significant opportunities right now and the ability to earn passive income using NFT and Crypto Games are a reality. The hype around NFTs has created an incredible opportunity for all of us. Earning an actual income from digital art pieces or video games sounds like a futuristic movie script, but it’s not. It’s real life. The idea sounds too far-fetched for many small minds even to wrap their brain around. The truth is that no matter how it sounds or how people feel about it, it’s happening. Every week there is another new project and way to earn income from play and pay NFT games.

Passive Income with nfts for Artists, Writers, and Content Creators:

If you are an artist, writer, or content creator, financial freedom could be waiting for you in the NFT space. Protecting digital content in this copy-paste world is NOT easy. NFTs make protecting your work not only possible, they can also make it very profitable. Minting your work gives you the exclusive rights to all of your content publicly. In other words, no matter how many times your work gets used or ripped off on the internet, the original creator will ALWAYS get credit for their work.

The origin and history of every digital asset can be tracked and recorded just like how you can track the dollars in your bank and their movement to and from your account. If you own the original rights of the NFT on the Blockchain every time your NFT is resold on any marketplace, you earn a percentage of that sale FOR LIFE!

Several online exchanges like RaribleNFT Stars, OpenSea, and Crypto.com  provide the service of Minting NFTs where you can turn your artwork into digital assets to sell on the Blockchain. Research “ upcoming NFT projects” to see for yourself that the sky really is the limit. Thousands of new projects monthly, each with its own unique technologies and services.

Passive Income with NFTs games:


NFTs are stored on digital wallets like https://metamask.io/ . Allowing any crypto or NFT to be stored, traded or sold. NFTs can be an excellent investment option, BUT they are risky and can drop to zero dollars, just as fast as they can shoot up to a million dollars. So make sure and do your research. 

Some NFTs give their HODLERs daily rewards in the form of tokens. CyberKongz rewards their Genesis NFT holders a daily reward in a crypto currency token referred to as $BANANA. Each Genesis Kong produces 10 $BANANA every day for the next 10 years! The price of one $BANANA was $6, and it rose to $60.91 as of October 17, 2021. So, holding one Genesis Kong can earn you $600 per day, which is $219,000 annually!! The more that the price of $BANANA rises, the more the people holding them in their wallets will earn.


Another great way to earn money with NFTs is through a technique called “Staking.” Staking NFTs can win you rewards on your idle NFTs. The more you hold, the better rewards you get. Most staking platforms have multipliers on the platform, which increase your reward as time goes on.

R-Planet is a platform on which you stake your idle NFTs and earn potential rewards. More and more companies like Coinbase are coming into the arena to provide their own services for NFTs. It’s also rumored that Binance might add the staking feature for NFTs to their platform in the future as well.

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Final Thoughts:

NFTs are still waiting to be adopted by the masses. But there is no doubt that the NFT and Blockchain technology are loaded guns waiting to light our current standard the fuck up! That being said, don’t mind the naysayers, don’t try to convince people. How many people regret not buying bitcoin in the early days when it was worth pennies? Nfts will only grow. Crypto will only grow. The masses want decentralization, and we will get it!

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

                      – Henry Ford